We have captured on video many hunting adventures and shared the joy and hardships of hunters . Those unforgettable moments, the beautiful wildlife and our desire to capture them led us to organize hunting trips.

Because of the filming, we had opportunities to be with our clients throughout their hunt, paddle with them in the mud, thread through the bushes, climb on the rocks – doing everything they should do during the hunt. Difficulties and shared success – always connect people and give a start of a genuine friendship. The team of Safari Season is part of many TV project Worldwide and you are invited to be part of your own one. See where we have been, watch our hunting videos and enjoy them as we did until we’re doing them! We are ready to do our next film, with you, to follow you all over the world.
With 14 yrs. of experience, we can capture your hunt on video without disturbing the game. Save your memories or promote your hunting club or lodge with our service. We can capture footage of virtually any game animal that you may pursue including Big & Small Game, Sheep, Chamois, Ibexes, Plains Game, and also predators such as Lion, Leopard, Bear, etc. We use 4K digital broadcast quality equipment to achieve professional results. Our client can be fitted with wireless microphones to capture every word. The completed video can be edited and copied to your choice of media. Music, sound fx, pictures, narration, video fx, titles,3D or whatever you need can be added to your video. Just submit a service request and tell us what you have in mind.
Our goal is to gather in one place more hunting videos with excellent quality and to share our wonderful adventures with you.
And if you'd like to have your own hunting trip on video - call us!

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