To hunting Rusa deer (Cervus rusa timorensis) on Mauritius island, wild boar, pheasant, Indian Francolin,Japanese hare is our specialty. We are here to guide you and to be at your service while you spend your unforgettable hunting and fishing vacation on Mauritius island. Safari Season will takes care of everything, from your arrival until your departure.

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The best time to hunt Rusa deer (Cervus rusa timorensis) is during the rut. It takes place from mid-July till the end of August. During this period of courting the males show their passion to the females which are not long in succumbing to their desire. At this time the males become very aggressive and territorial. They are frequently wounded due to fights with other males and often sustain injuries at the eyes and withers. The shape of the trophies is typical on the basis of the pivots. The deer horns swell backwards to follow the cervical line and to go up towards the dorsal line. This form allows the males to penetrate the primary forest by simply raising his chin. In this position, horns are aligned backwards leading to free movement even in dense forest.

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The principal advantages of this species are the extraordinary sense of smell, sight and hearing and the perfect command it has in the forest. Being a very intelligent animal, hunting it becomes even more enthralling. It is also one of the hardest deer tribes to hunt. All the hunters of the world who have been able to pursue it do agree on that point!

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 During the hunting season we do also deer and wildboar driven hunt with special trained dogs and pushers. Battue hunting is a great oportunity, when a group of dogs force the prey to flee in the direction of the hunters. All 60 of Africa’s largest Javan rusa stags in the SCI record book were taken here.

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The hunt lasts just two days of your seven-day stay. Most hunters choose to begin with a relaxing morning and lunch at the resort, followed by a hunt lasting for the rest of the afternoon and continuing until the shooting light fades. You can also choose to hunt in the mornings—a good option if you want to be more selective or hope to bag a boar in addition to your stag.


Small game hunting for pheasants, grey francolin, guinea fowl, and hare, up to two red partridges, and unlimited pigeons.

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