Bulgarian hunting is rich in wildlife due to its varied landscape of snowcapped mountains and lush lowlands; Bulgaria offers an extraordinary diversity of big game hunting species. One of the best Red Deer populations in the world is in Bulgaria, at over 22,500 and it ranks second worldwide.

Amongst its hunting trophies, Bulgaria has 4 World records for Red deer (including the present one with 273.60 CIC points, 16.2 kg) and of Wild Boars with 158.20 CIC points. Most of the capital Red Deer trophies evaluated at over 250 CIC points are Bulgarian. Bulgaria is the country that has more animal species within its territory than any other country in Europe. The nature of the country is very rich and diversified. Stag 2 Stag 3 WR Wild B The major advantages of the organized hunting tourism in Bulgaria are the picturesque nature, unique hunting base and excellent big game trophy. Despite its relatively small area, the country has given 4 world records for red deer trophies. Bulgarian is the world records for trophies for wild and for wildcat. More than 16,000 red deer, 4,300 fallow deer, 71,500 roe deer, 45,000 wild boars, 2,200 mouflons, 1,800 wild goats, 2,700 capercailies, 830 bears, 115,800 pheasants, 313,000 partridges and 36,000 rock partridges exist throughout Bulgarian’s nature. The specialized up-to-date equipment of the forestry, comprising of more than 110 huts and hunting houses, offers over 1100 beds and all facilities and services.
There are excellent opportunities for fishing in Bulgaria along with pike, carp and bream, to name but a few in the mountain streams, and comfortable accommodation to be had with the local inhabitants. There are 207 Black Sea and freshwater fishes in the country’s water basins.

Here you could see the list of game species allowed for hunt per the Law for Hunting and Game Protection in Bulgaria: