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Bulgaria, a hidden gem for bowhunters, boasts an array of world records that underscore its prominence in the global hunting scene. It holds the world record for a Red deer trophy with an astounding evaluation of 273,6 points under CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation), featuring antlers weighing 16.2 kg. Additionally, the country proudly possesses 15 trophies, each exceeding 250 points under CIC, with ten of the top 20 world trophies being Bulgarian. These remarkable achievements, combined with the success of renowned bowhunters like Archie Nesbitt, Gary Bogner, Tom Miranda, Ken Shemonski, and Ben Salleras in securing significant trophies of the Balkan chamois (WR), European bison (WR), free-range fallow deer (WR), and mouflon(WR), firmly establish Bulgaria as the pinnacle destination for ethical and challenging bowhunting.


The Allure of Bulgarian Red Stags


The Bulgarian red stag, renowned for its majesty and elusiveness, offers an unparalleled challenge for bowhunters. This experience is especially intense during the rut season when the forest comes alive with the sounds of clashing antlers and the deep bellows of competing stags. Imagine being in the dense Bulgarian forests during the rut. The air is filled with the raw, primal sounds of stags calling and battling for dominance. The forest floor trembles as these magnificent creatures charge, lock antlers and push against each other in a display of strength and prowess.
Last year, esteemed bowhunter Jerrod Worsham was part of this thrilling hunt. His encounters with these majestic creatures during the rut have been marked by the intensity of stalking a dominant stag, carefully sneaking through the forest, and waiting for the perfect shot. This challenge is both exhilarating and demanding. The rut season elevates the difficulty of the hunt. The stags are more aggressive, alert, and mobile, often engaging in fierce battles that can suddenly change their location and behaviour. This unpredictability adds to the thrill of the hunt, requiring hunters to be highly skilled, patient, and strategic in their stalk. Part of the allure of hunting red stags in Bulgaria is the emphasis on ethical hunting practices. Hunters like Jerrod Worsham respect the natural behaviour of these animals, ensuring a sustainable approach that contributes to the conservation of the species and their habitat.


Witnessing red stags during the rut is not just a hunting experience; it's a spectacular display of nature. The power, beauty, and raw energy of these moments in the wild are unforgettable, making this one of the most sought-after hunting experiences in the world.

The hunt for Bulgarian red stags, especially during the rut season, is more than a pursuit of a trophy; it's an immersive experience into the heart of wild Bulgaria, offering a profound connection with nature and the primal thrill of the hunt.

Diverse Game: Balkan Chamois, Fallow Deer, and More


Bulgaria's rich biodiversity, including the elusive Balkan chamois and the graceful fallow deer, presents unique opportunities for bowhunters. Renowned bowhunter Tom Miranda's experience in Bulgaria highlights the distinct challenges and strategies required for successful hunts in this region.


Stalking Techniques for the Balkan Chamois:
The Balkan chamois is known for its keen senses and agility. Successful hunters must master the art of stealth, moving slowly and quietly to avoid detection. Understanding the rugged terrain where chamois thrive is crucial. Hunters often need to navigate steep, rocky areas, using the natural cover to approach the chamois from above. Always being mindful of the wind direction is critical to avoid alerting the chamois of the hunter's presence.


Fallow Deer Hunting Strategies:
Camouflage and Concealment: Effective camouflage is essential to blend into the surroundings, as fallow deer are particularly vigilant and easily spooked. Decoy and Calling Techniques: Utilizing decoys and calling can be effective, especially during the rutting season when deer are more responsive to calls and visual cues. Knowledge of the fallow deer's feeding and bedding areas can help hunters position themselves strategically for an effective shot.


Adapting to Seasonal Changes:
Understanding the behavioural patterns of the games during different seasons is vital. For instance, chamois may be found at higher altitudes during summer and in more accessible areas during winter.
Similarly, fallow deer behaviour changes with the seasons, influencing their movement patterns and habitat preferences.


Bulgarian bowhunting emphasizes ethical practices, including taking shots only when a humane and clean harvest is assured. Respecting the game's habitat and minimizing disturbance to the ecosystem is also an essential aspect of ethical hunting.
Advances in bowhunting gear, such as compound bows with better range and accuracy, have enhanced the hunting experience. However, traditional skills like tracking and reading animal signs remain integral to the hunt. Local guides with extensive knowledge of the terrain and animal behaviour are invaluable for successful hunts. They provide insights into the best hunting spots and techniques for Bulgarian wildlife.


In Bulgaria, the combination of traditional hunting skills and modern techniques, along with a deep understanding of the local wildlife, makes for an engaging and successful bowhunting experience. Tom Miranda's adventures in Bulgaria exemplify the thrill and satisfaction of mastering these diverse and challenging hunts.


The Challenge of the Alpine Ibex


In Bulgaria, the unique and ethical pursuit of the Alpine ibex with a bow and arrow is regulated by special hunting licenses. These licenses are granted for targeting ibexes well past their breeding prime and nearing the end of their natural life cycle – essentially, very old animals unlikely to survive another winter.
The focus is on mature ibexes that have lived their entire lives and contributed to the population. This approach ensures that the hunt is sustainable and does not impact the overall health of the ibex population. Hunting these older ibexes often involves using dogs to move the animals out of inaccessible forest terrain in the depths of gorges and on steep mountain slopes. This tactic is necessary because these aged ibexes are unable to return to the rocky peaks after summertime and may become easy prey for wolves.
The hunt is conducted with the utmost respect for the animal and its ecosystem. By targeting older individuals, hunters help maintain the natural balance, as these ibexes would otherwise struggle to survive the harsh winter conditions.
The hunt for these ibexes requires a blend of skill, patience, and strategic planning. Hunters must navigate challenging terrain and use their understanding of ibex behavior to ensure a successful and ethical hunt.
In Bulgaria, hunting the Alpine ibex with a bow and arrow is a practice deeply rooted in respect for nature and ethical hunting principles. It provides a unique opportunity to engage in a sustainable and conservation-minded hunting experience, exclusive to this region.


Conservation and Sustainable Hunting Practices


Bulgaria's approach to bowhunting is deeply intertwined with conservation principles, focusing on the sustainable management of wildlife populations. This approach includes several key strategies and tactics:
Selective Hunting of Aged,  Problematic and Overpopulated Species:
Hunters target older animals, especially those past their breeding prime or those unlikely to survive harsh conditions, aiding in natural population control. Overpopulated species are also selectively hunted to prevent habitat overuse and maintain a balanced ecosystem. Wildlife biologists and conservation experts collect and analyze data to identify which species or specific animals should be hunted. This ensures that hunting aligns with ecological needs.
Ongoing monitoring of wildlife populations helps adjust hunting quotas and strategies to reflect current ecological conditions. Part of the proceeds from hunting licenses and fees is reinvested into habitat conservation, ensuring that crucial environments for various species are preserved and enhanced. Efforts include reforestation, water source protection, and the creation of wildlife corridors to support healthy animal populations. In Bulgaria, bowhunting is more than a sport; it's a tool for conservation. By carefully managing hunting practices and prioritizing the health of wildlife populations, Bulgaria demonstrates a model for sustainable and ethical hunting.

Ethical and Respectful Hunting: The Bison Hunt


In the heart of Bulgaria's wilderness, a compelling example of ethical hunting unfolded, featuring renowned bowhunters Gary Bogner and Ken Shemonski. Their mission was to ethically cull two alpha males from a bison herd, a crucial step in introducing new genetic material to strengthen the herd's diversity. This hunt exemplifies the essence of responsible and respectful wildlife management.
The hunt was strategically planned for mid-January, a time when the sparse winter foliage and snow cover would naturally drive the animals closer to feeding areas. This consideration allowed for a more predictable and localized approach to the target animals within their expansive territory​​.
Utilizing a noiseless wooden cart for transportation, the hunters minimized disturbance within the forest. This method was chosen for its familiarity with the forest inhabitants, reducing the likelihood of startling the wildlife. Their approach was a testament to the hunters' respect for the natural behaviours and comfort of the animals they pursued​​.
Key to their approach was an acute awareness of the wind direction and weather conditions. The hunters meticulously moved with the wind to their advantage, ensuring they remained undetected. Despite the challenging terrain marked by slippery mud, they managed to get close to the herd without alarming them​​.
Their hunt's culmination required physical prowess and a high degree of skill and precision. The target distance, a challenging 50-60 meters, demanded expertise in archery. The silent, efficient use of the bow ensured that the hunt was successful with minimal disturbance to the rest of the herd. This careful approach underlined their commitment to ethical hunting practices​​.
This bison hunt, conducted by Bogner and Shemonski in the Bulgarian wilds, is a prime example of ethical hunting. It showcases a deep respect for wildlife, careful planning, and skilful execution, all hallmarks of responsible and sustainable hunting practices.

The Red Stag Rut in Bulgaria: A Dance of Nature and Conservation


In the heart of Bulgaria's wild expanses, a remarkable natural phenomenon unfolds each year – the rutting season of the red stag. Here, in an open area largely untouched by hunters for nearly a decade, over 2000 majestic stags roam, creating a spectacle of sound and movement that is both primal and awe-inspiring. As autumn's grip tightens on the Bulgarian forests, a deep, resonating chorus begins to rise. It's the sound of 40 to 60 male red stags, their roars reverberating across a one-kilometre radius. This auditory spectacle marks the peak of the rutting season, a time when stags engage in a fierce and passionate display of strength and dominance. This region, once quiet and undisturbed, now teems with the activities of these magnificent creatures. The absence of hunting for almost a decade has led to a burgeoning population, turning this area into a thriving stage for the stags' annual courtship rituals. In this dense population, each stag vies for attention, their roars serving as both a challenge to rivals and a siren call to potential mates. The older, more dominant stags parade with a confident air, their large, impressive antlers a symbol of their strength and genetic prowess.
Amidst this natural ballet, hunters, acting as stewards of the land, play a crucial role. Their selective hunting of specific stags is a necessary intervention to maintain the delicate balance of this ecosystem. Targeting older stags, they help manage the population, ensuring the health and sustainability of the species and their habitat. For the hunter, this experience is more than a pursuit of a trophy; it's a test of skill and patience. They move with stealth, blending into the landscape, ever respectful of their role in this ecological dance. Each step is calculated, each breath measured, as they navigate this crowded theatre of nature. Beyond the hunt, this spectacle offers a rare glimpse into the wild heart of Bulgaria. Here, nature's rhythms are on full display, offering lessons in survival, competition, and the raw beauty of the natural world.
In Bulgaria's forests, the red stag rut is more than just a seasonal event; it's a celebration of life, a display of nature's grandeur, and a testament to the careful balance between human intervention and natural processes. As each roar echoes through the trees, it tells a story of survival, adaptation, and the enduring spirit of the wild.

Exploring Bulgaria's Wild Heart: Tom Miranda's Archery Odyssey


In the verdant stretches of Bulgaria's untamed landscapes, renowned bow hunter Tom Miranda discovered a hunting haven, a secret whispered among the bowhunter's legends. Safari Channel delves into his journey, unveiling a tale of adventure, conservation, and the primal allure of the hunt.


Bulgaria: A Hidden Eden for Hunters


"It's the best-kept secret in Europe," Tom Miranda muses, his words painting a picture of a land still raw and untamed. With its rugged terrain and rich biodiversity, Bulgaria offers an archery experience that feels both primal and profound. From the agile Balkan chamois darting along craggy mountainsides to the regal red stag roaming dense forests, Bulgaria’s wilderness is a living canvas, an untold story waiting to be explored.


Voices of the Wilderness: Endorsements from Hunting Icons


Archie Nesbitt, a Canadian bow hunter with a legendary status in the global hunting community, first whispered the name 'Bulgaria' to Miranda. "You need to go to Bulgaria," Nesbitt urged, as recounted by Miranda. The recommendation opened a gateway to a hunting paradise previously overshadowed by more frequented European locales.




Safari Season: Bridging Man and Nature


At the heart of Bulgaria's hunting culture is Safari Season, an organization that mirrors Safari Club ethos of exploration and conservation. They play a pivotal role in not just guiding hunters through Bulgaria's diverse ecosystems but also in ensuring sustainable practices. It's a delicate balance between the thrill of the hunt and the respect for nature, a principle that Safari Season upholds diligently. The allure of Bulgaria's hunting grounds transcends borders, drawing enthusiasts from distant shores. Australian bow hunters and North Americans alike are answering Bulgaria's siren call, a testament to the country's burgeoning status in the international hunting community. Miranda's own narrative is interwoven with accounts of hunters who cross oceans for a taste of Bulgaria's untamed beauty.


Tom Miranda's Bulgarian Chronicles


Through Miranda's lens, we see more than a hunter. We see an explorer, a conservationist at heart, passionate about understanding and preserving the wild realms he ventures into. "Bulgaria is more than a hunting ground; it's a journey into nature's soul," Miranda reflects. His plans to return are more than mere hunts; they are expeditions into the heart of wilderness conservation.


As Miranda's tales spread, Bulgaria emerges as a beacon for hunters seeking authenticity and adventure. It's a destination that resonates with Safari Club's spirit of exploration and respect for nature. Bulgaria’s rise as a premier hunting location is not just about pursuing a game; it’s about understanding and preserving the delicate balance of our natural world.




Expert Advice from Safari Season: Your Guide to Bowhunting in Bulgaria


1. Optimal Timing for the Hunt:


Seasonal Insights: As your host and guide, Safari Season recommends paying close attention to the peak seasons for big game, particularly red stags. The exact timing varies slightly by region – from the Rhodope Mountains to the Danube River flats or the Black Sea coast. Our local expertise can help you pinpoint the ideal week for your hunt.


Area-Specific Rutting Season: We'll provide you with the necessary information to determine the peak rutting times in each area, ensuring you're hunting at the most opportune moments.


2. Advance Reservations:


Securing Prime Spots: To ensure a spot in the best hunting areas, Safari Season advises booking at least one to two years in advance. This is especially crucial for popular spots during the peak season.


Trophy-Specific Bookings: Depending on your trophy size preference, we can help you choose the appropriate location. For instance, the biggest and heaviest red stags are typically found near the Danube River, though these hunts can be more expensive. We offer various options to suit different preferences and budgets.


3. Location Selection:


Varied Hunting Experiences: Safari Season offers hunts in diverse terrains. If you're seeking the largest trophies, the Danube River flats are ideal, albeit at a higher cost. For a more rugged and challenging experience, we recommend the mountainous hunts where the game may have lighter antlers but the adventure is unparalleled.


Customizing Your Hunt: We can tailor your hunting experience based on your preference for challenge level and trophy type, ensuring a memorable and satisfying hunt.


4. Preparation and Equipment:


Fitness Preparation: For hunters choosing mountainous terrain, we recommend a good fitness regime to prepare for the physical demands of the hunt. Safari Season can provide tips and guidelines for preparation.


Gear Recommendations: We'll advise you on the best equipment suited for Bulgarian hunting conditions. Our expertise ensures you come prepared with the right gear for your specific hunting environment.


5. Legal and Ethical Hunting:


Navigating Regulations: As your guide, Safari Season will ensure that you're well-informed about the hunting laws and regulations in Bulgaria. We'll handle the necessary permits and legalities, so you can focus on the hunt.


Commitment to Ethical Practices: We uphold the highest standards of ethical hunting, respecting wildlife and nature. We expect our clients to adhere to these principles for a responsible and sustainable hunting experience.


At Safari Season, we're committed to providing you with an exceptional bowhunting experience in Bulgaria, blending expert guidance with a deep respect for nature and the thrill of the hunt. Our goal is to ensure that each hunter who joins us not only experiences the raw beauty and excitement of Bulgarian hunting grounds but also feels the camaraderie and connection that comes with such an adventure. Hunters like Archie Nesbitt, Gary Bogner, and Tom Miranda arrived here as clients but left as best friends, a testament to the unforgettable bonding experiences we strive to create. Join us at Safari Season, and be part of a hunting journey where thrilling encounters and lasting friendships are the norm.