We work with one of the best Turkish outfitters who is absolute professional and experienced hunter. He managed to take the last two world records for SCI record book.
Best period: December. The season starts at late October to mid-January due to the hunting areas and weather conditions. In some regions October can be the best or in some regions mid-January can be the best time for bezoar ibex hunting. March is also good month to hunt bezoar ibex, just before the end of the season, after a strong winter can find huge animals at a accessible areas while they are looking for a fresh food.

The name of Konya is coming from the unique vilage where we can find this original magnificent animals which it has a population around 2.500.We hunt this nice animals in Konya City in Bozdag Mountains. Since 2010 just 7 sheeps are hunted in Turkey and 3 of these hunted by us.The name of our hunters who hunted these magnificent sheeps are Pete Papac(EU,en 1989),Hubert Thummler(Mex,en 2007) y Walter Page Mays(EU,en 2007).We hunted all sheeps in OPEN AREAS not FENCED. And we are the one who organize the first Konya Sheep hunt ever.

Wild boar hunt at night – walk and stalk (when it is full moon), accomodation on luxury hotel or boat – there are a few options for the number of the couples on board. The package could be for 3-7 days and it is a great combination of hunt and family/friends trip.

Anatolian chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) is hunting in Turkey since many years at the north east and east part of Turkey.They live between 2000m-3000m from the sea level and we organize successfully several chamois hunts every year in Turkey.To be able hunt chamois without problem of having hard snow or rain in that part of the country the time period should between November,1st till mid December.Generally the accommodation is in village houses or fly camps.Minimum 5-6 days hunting is recommendable.

youtube iconA special offer for wild boar driven hunts for a groups of minimum 8 maximum 13 hunters.Hunting area: Mediterranean Region, Antalya or Burdur
3 days hunt, 4 nights accomodation,
expected number of animals between 20-35
4 days hunt, 5 nights accomodation,
expected number of animals between 30-45

Red Deer (Cervus elaphus anatolica) in Turkey is hunted since just 10 years. Before we were not allowed to hunt these huge horned animals.
The main diference of these animals from the ones in Europe they are with bigger body but the horns are thicker.
The rut season of this animal is end of September and can be hunted easily during this time. Every year we hunt easily few huge trophies of over 9-10 kg of horns and sometimes over 12-13 kg.