Trophy hunt - males: April 10 - May 10 and December 01 - January 15
Trophy hunt - females: September 15 - October 31
The Balkan Chamois inhabits mostly the Rhodope mountains. The populations are not so high above sea level and stalking is easier than elsewhere. The National record (118.50 CIC points) comes from Rodopa mountain. Female Chamois have average 90-93 CIC points, Chamois male about 103-106 CIC points.
We recommend 4-5 hunting days. An excellent combination with hunting for Wild Boar, Mouflon, Capercailie and Roe Deer.

Exclusive Chamois Hunting Adventures in Bulgaria
Embark on an unforgettable hunting journey in the scenic landscapes of Bulgaria, targeting the elusive and prized Balkan Chamois. Our expertly guided hunts take you to the rugged terrains of the Rhodope and Stara Planina mountains, promising an exhilarating experience for both novice and seasoned hunters.
World Record Bowhunting Achievements:
We are proud to have been part of two incredible world record achievements in bowhunting for Balkan Chamois. Renowned bow hunters Archie Nesbitt and Gary Bogner both set world records while hunting with us. Their remarkable skill and our expert guidance combined to make these record-setting hunts a reality. Recently, the famous TV star and accomplished bowhunter Tom Miranda joined the ranks of these elite hunters. While on a hunt with us, Tom Miranda nearly surpassed Gary Bogner's record, missing it by just a few points. His impressive effort adds another exciting chapter to our history of exceptional bowhunting achievements.
Hunting Seasons:
•    Chamois Bucks: Challenge yourself with a winter hunt from December 1st to January 15th, or opt for a spring adventure between April 10th and May 10th.
•    Chamois Does: Experience the autumnal beauty of Bulgaria's mountains during our doe season, which runs from September 15th to October 31st.
Chamois - The Mountain Treasure: The Balkan Chamois, a unique and agile inhabitant of Bulgaria's high mountains, offers a thrilling hunt. These medium-sized animals from the goat family are known for their impressive horns, making them a coveted trophy for hunters. While their body weight is moderate, their horns, ranging from 90 to 105 CIC points, are a testament to their majestic nature.
Habitat and Characteristics: Residing between 800 and 2500 meters above sea level, the chamois thrives in rocky and steep environments. With their summer coat of yellowish-brown and a winter coat that darkens to almost black, they blend seamlessly into the mountainous backdrop. Both males and females sport horns, but the males boast the larger size, adding to the challenge and allure of the hunt.
Hunting Methodology:
Our preferred method of hunting is stalking, which not only tests your skills but also allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Bulgaria's wilderness. Our experienced guides will lead you through the hunt, ensuring a responsible and rewarding experience.
Additional Hunts in Bulgaria: For those looking to expand their hunting experience, we offer a variety of big and small game hunts. This includes red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon for big game, and pheasant, quail, turtle-dove for small game hunting.
Booking Your Hunt:
To learn more about our chamois hunting trips and to book your next hunting adventure in Bulgaria, please contact us at [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]. Join the ranks of record-setting hunters and experience a once-in-a-lifetime hunting adventure with us.

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