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Bulgaria, a hidden gem for bowhunters, boasts an array of world records that underscore its prominence in the global hunting scene. It holds the world record for a Red deer trophy with an astounding evaluation of 273,6 points under CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation), featuring antlers weighing 16.2 kg. Additionally, the country proudly possesses 15 trophies, each exceeding 250 points under CIC, with ten of the top 20 world trophies being Bulgarian. These remarkable achievements, combined with the success of renowned bowhunters like Archie Nesbitt, Gary Bogner, Tom Miranda, Ken Shemonski, and Ben Salleras in securing significant trophies of the Balkan chamois (WR), European bison (WR), free-range fallow deer (WR), and mouflon(WR), firmly establish Bulgaria as the pinnacle destination for ethical and challenging bowhunting.


Trofhy Hunt: September 01- January 31
The National record (207.59 CIC points) comes from the hunting ground in Northeast Bulgaria. The rut is in October. Hunting is mostly stalking.
We recommend 4 - 5 hunting days. In many hunting grounds, it is also possible to hunt for Wild Boar, Mouflon, Chamois or Red Deer at the same time. Capital Fallow deer reach up to 5 kg.
Bulgaria's Acclaim in Fallow Deer Bowhunting

Goldeen jackal (Canis Aureas) Trophy hunt: throughout the year.
Jackals have keen senses and are significantly more cautious and alert animals than herbivorous deers, wild boars, etc.
Grey wolf (Canis lupus) is the the hardest trophy a bow-hunter can have from Bulgaria.

Trophy hunt: September 1 - January 31
The trophies of the Red Deer reach 13-14 kg in the Danubian hilly plain, 9-10 kg in the north-eastern regions, 8-9 kg in the South-east, 8-10 kg in the Balkan and Rhodope mountains. The rut is in the second half of September. We recommend 6-7 hunting days for your successful red stag hunting.

Brown bear (Ursus arctos)

Hunting in Bulgaria of brown bear is put under strict regulation from January 1st, 2013 – only problematic bears could be hunted!

Trophy hunt - males: April 10 - May 10 and December 01 - January 15
Trophy hunt - females: September 15 - October 31
The Balkan Chamois inhabits mostly the Rhodope mountains. The populations are not so high above sea level and stalking is easier than elsewhere. The National record (118.50 CIC points) comes from Rodopa mountain. Female Chamois have average 90-93 CIC points, Chamois male about 103-106 CIC points.
We recommend 4-5 hunting days. An excellent combination with hunting for Wild Boar, Mouflon, Capercailie and Roe Deer.

Trophy hunt: May 01 - October 31
The National record roebuck (189.40 CIC points, 825 g) comes from the hunting ground Bolyarka in the Danubian hilly plain. The Roe Deer rut is from mid July until the beginning of August.

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Period: April 15 - May 15
Bulgaria has a good capercaillie population in the Rhodope mountains. Hunting is early morning stalking by dawn. Usually the hunt is successful in 3-4 days. Further you can hunt for Chamois, Roe Deer, Wild Boar and Mouflon.

Trophy hunt: throughout the year.
The National record trophy (158.20 CIC points, 27.10 cm) is the 2nd best trophy of the world. But it was the world record for 17 years between 1986 and 2003.

Hunting for quails and turtle doves (CITES) opens on 15th August. A bag of 100 birds per hunter is no rareness. Best results by end of August - beginning of September.

Here you could see the list of game species allowed for hunt per the Law for Hunting and Game Protection in Bulgaria:

Trophy hunt: throughout the year.
The population is in many hunting grounds mainly in the Rhodope mountains in southern Bulgaria and Balkan mountain.

Bulgarian hunting is rich in wildlife due to its varied landscape of snowcapped mountains and lush lowlands; Bulgaria offers an extraordinary diversity of big game hunting species. One of the best Red Deer populations in the world is in Bulgaria, at over 22,500 and it ranks second worldwide.