Sani DonchevaSani Doncheva–She was born in Bulgaria. She has three master’s degrees in economics, international economic relations, and journalism. She speaks three languages. With her assistance Archie Nesbitt and several other hunters managed to break many world record trophies entered in the Record Book of Safari Club International. She is the host of a hunting TV reality that was successfully broadcasted in 13 European countries since 2013. She has been a SCI member for 10 years and each year attends the SCI conventions as exhibitor. Thanks to her international contacts the TV series Ultimate Shot were broadcasted by 7 big outdoor TV channels in Europe and Asia with audience in 59 countries.
Additionally, Sani is a professional cameraman and a photographer in hunting adventures all around the world. She writes articles and stories for few Outdoor magazines and websites. She owns Safari Season - company specialized in researching and selling attractive destinations and trophies of the highest class to the hunters.

Vladimir DonchevVladimir Donchev–He was born in Bulgaria. He is SCI member. Former professional swimmer at the National swimming team. He is fluent in three languages. He is a professional video and a photographer with bachelor’s degree in economics. 3D/graphic designer. Special advisor to the Bulgarian Ministry of forests in relation to safety during the hunting and the use of firearms and ammunition, as well as preventing of forest fires. Owner of the production company Mitrel Ltd. The company is specialized in producing documentaries and TV series about wild nature and hunting which has extensive videography. It has produced over 120 feature films and 160 television episodes for 3 TV shows.